Spotify premium Download for Android + Review

We music lovers are always interested in knowing about the different sources from where we can get good music for free, and one such app is “Spotify“. Spotify is an app that provides us with the songs of almost all the languages of the world for free online. Today here on our blog we will provide you all the details about Spotify Premium and also give you the latest download link.

Spotify download

Spotify Premium Features

There are many amazing features of Spotify premium apk, and we have listed some  below:

  • You can literally listen to songs of any language on Spotify.
  • Using Spotify premium, you can download any song and listen to them offline.
  • Share your playlists with your friends easily using social media.
  • queues are easy to create, keep adding the songs that come to your mind in the queue, so you don’t miss any.
  • Get the songs before even releasing on popular platforms like youtube and SoundCloud.
  • Follow your favorite artists on Spotify and enjoy the updates about their songs and other works.
  • You can run spotify from any country using VPN.
  • Get song suggestions that you might like most probably. Suggestions are given based Your likes and other factors.

Spotify Download for Android

You can easily download Spotify on any android/ iOS device as its officially available for download on the app stores. If you are lazy to find the official download link then click on the download button below.

Free fire download

Download Spotify using the above link and enjoy unlimited ad-free music for free.

Spotify Alternatives

spotify premium

If you are already using Spotify and looking for its alternatives, then this section is for you.

  1. Saavn: Saavn is an app that is inspired by Spotify, but saavn is more popular in Asian countries. If you belong to any of the Asian countries then you must prefer saavn over Spotify for the enormous songs of local languages found in Saavn. The only problem with this app is the advertisements that keep running at the beginning of the songs.
  2. Gaana: If you wish to invest a small amount of money into the app and make it worth it, then Gaana is the choice you must make. Gaana surely has almost all the songs you can think of and you can download the songs easily to your phone and listen to them offline.


Hope all your music fantasies will be full-filled by Spotify, If you are impressed by this app the don’t forget to share your feelings with your friends and help them listen to quality music for free. Keep visiting Twoeggplants to know about more and more useful apps like Spotify.

Free Fire Battle ground APK Download + Review

Are you a Fan of Adventure shooting games like Counter-Strike? If so, then you will surely like Free Fire. Free fire is an android multiplayer shooting game where your motive in the game is to stay inside the marked safe zone and kill your opponents to become the last man to survive on the island. In this article, you can know everything about the Free fire Download and other features you must know about this game.

Free fire battlegrounds

Free Fire Gameplay summary

The concept of the game is to survive until the end. When the game starts you along with 49 other online players will be left in an Iceland and safe zone will be shown in the map and you need to stay inside the safe zone as well as try not to get shot down by your opponents. The one to stay alive at the end will be the winner. In the game, you can get into any building and get different ammunition to use and kill your Competition as well as get shelter inside the homes and buildings. And the best part is that you can also drive any car or vehicle you find in your way and also use them to crash and kill other players.

Freefire gameplay

Features Of Free Fire

  • HD clear animations and graphics which makes you feel the heat of the game.
  • Create groups and play along with your friends in the team. You can also communicate with your friends in the team.
  • Get in any car and drive them to the safe zone quickly.
  • Connect your game to your Facebook and G+ accounts and share your achievements quickly on your social media profiles.
  • The controls are easy to learn and Free fire is surely the best survival game you will find for android.

Free Fire Download for Android

Free fire is easy to download to your Android device, Click on the download link given below and click on install button on the next page, and the game will be downloaded to your phone. If you get any problem in installing Free fire, comment it at the end of this article.

Free fire download

Hope you downloaded Freefire battleground for your android phone successfully. Don’t forget to rate the game on play store and also give your honest reviews about this game through the comments section.


Free fire conclusion

if you were looking for a game that is similar to CS Go for android then this is a must try Free Fire, in fact, the gameplay is even better than the counter strike. Play for yourself and also share with your friends, if you like the game. keep visiting for more game and app reviews.